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The Mysteries of Mexican Vanilla

The birthplace of vanilla, Mexico produces some of the world’s finest vanilla beans. But there is often a lot of confusion about Mexican vanilla extracts. Let’s untangle them. All vanilla beans derive their quality not from the region where they are grown, but from...

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The Art of Curing Vanilla Beans

The Art of Curing Vanilla beans don’t come off the vine black and shiny as we know and love them. They start out green, their tips yellowing as they ripen and loosen their grip on the mother plant. At that moment of harvest, the vanilla bean begins a fraught and...

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Cook’s Organic Vanilla Farmers

  SAVA REGION, MADAGASCAR -- We heard the music first. The villagers crested the rise of a small hill, the children laughing and running, the young men clambering onto the bed of our pickup truck. It took a moment for us to understand what was happening, until we saw...

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