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Customer Spotlight: Silva Brewing

Vanilla Beer: Like fine wine, but more romantic and complicated Beer and Vanilla. Who’d have thought they’d make a perfect couple? We had no idea until we stumbled upon Chuck Silva, a craft brewer here in our home town, a very pretty place called Paso Robles,...

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Madagascar Presidential Election 2018

There’s a big election this month that we at Cook’s Vanilla are watching closely. It’s in Madagascar, and the outcome has the potential to affect pure vanilla bean prices, already at near record highs. Madagascar is the world’s largest source of pure vanilla and a...

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Pure Vanilla Adulteration

Pure vanilla buyer beware. Extremely high prices for vanilla beans -- still ranging well above $525 a kilo -- mean that the price of the pure vanilla extract made from these beans is also going to be quite expensive. That fact is inescapable. Vanilla users have had to...

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Vanilla bean prices remain at record highs, but we are detecting signs of market softening as we head into the 2018 /19 vanilla season.   The “green campaign” -- when buyers flock to the Madagascar bush to buy harvested vanilla beans -- officially opens July 1, a...

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The Mysteries of Mexican Vanilla

The birthplace of vanilla, Mexico produces some of the world’s finest vanilla beans. But there is often a lot of confusion about Mexican vanilla extracts. Let’s untangle them. All vanilla beans derive their quality not from the region where they are grown, but from...

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