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Pure Almond Extract

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Pure Almond Extract

Bold. Sharp. Sweet.

Add the signature flair of pure essence of almond to your flavor repertoire. Cook’s handcrafted extracts showcase the Lochhead family’s history and constant innovation in flavorings.

Ingredients: alcohol, oil of bitter almond, and water.

This product is Gluten Free, Allergen Free, non-GMO, and Kosher.

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15 reviews for Pure Almond Extract

  1. Mary Minagro

    I bought the Organic Maple extract so I could make homeade pancake syrup. It turned out fantastic! Awesome product quality!! Great price, as well!

    • Cooksvanilla

      Thank you, Mary! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed our maple extract! Maple, like vanilla, is also an enhancer flavor so if you still have some left in your bottle, try a teaspoon in cookies or cakes that feature nuts, especially pecan and walnuts!

  2. Judy VanSchoiack

    Our grandson is peanut and sesame allergic. Cook’s Flavorings are labelled allergen free and I was thrilled when I called and they really mean it! Now we have a delicious and safe way to provide more flavor in our lives! Thank you so much!!!

    • Cooksvanilla

      Thank you, Judy! We are so glad to help you and your family in your flavor needs!

  3. Claire Crabtree

    Your almond extract is the weakest almond extract I’ve used in 40 years and I believe loses its strength in less than a year. I’ve never had this experience with any other Pure Almond Extract.

    • Cooksvanilla

      Hello Claire,
      We are so sorry that you were disappointed in our Almond Extract. This problem is very unusual to us as our Almond Extract is usually very strong and does not deteriorate over time. We would be happy to replace your bottle for you if you wish; just contact us at 800-735-0545 and ask for Josephine. Josephine is aware of the situation and will help you immediately. Thank you for your feedback.

  4. Josephine A. Jones (verified owner)

    The shipment of my order was amazing. I enjoyed using your product knowing that it was gluten free.

  5. Toni & Johnny Osborn (verified owner)

    The almond is great in my Cookies and we also like it in pie crust.

  6. Kristen Spilman (verified owner)

    Best almond extract I have ever bought. It has a clean and pure scent and flavor that comes through in the items I bake with it. It has a lovely subtle taste.

  7. Robin (verified owner)

    Best quality I have ever used for my amaretto recipe. I will definitely purchase from here again.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve used many brands of almond extract for my cherry pies, while some were good, Cook’s is by far the best I’ve tried!

  9. Janice Phillips (verified owner)

    My bottle of Boyajian Natural Extract was almost gone when I baked an almond tiramisu yesterday. I Googled “Boyajian” and up came “almond extract”! I am delighted that the postman will soon be delivering me a new supply. It is by far the best almond extract that I have ever used.

  10. B. Wilson (verified owner)

    The best quality almond I have found for my buttercream frosting. Everyone loves it! Good value too, in the 32oz. bottle!

  11. Chuck (verified owner)

    This is as good as any almond extract available, and certainly the most reasonable. We use it in a fruit salad dressing with plain yogert, a little equal and the almond. The best fruit salad I have tasted.

  12. Jeanne Bresett (verified owner)

    Excellent Flavor. I use in Almond Pound Cake, it is the best.

  13. SFK (verified owner)

    I was quite surprised when I first tasted this almond flavoring,….it smell & tastes like the real thing!

    Now that I’ve run out, I hunted down this website (which took some perseverance)and ordered 8 of Cook’s products sight unseen (and untasted:-) That’s how much confidence I have in this companies quality.

  14. Patti (verified owner)

    In my Christmas butter cookie recipe, I use 1/2 Almond & 1/2 Vanilla flavoring. When I ran out of Cook’s extracts, I could no longer find them at Ralphs. The fancy brands at all the stores either smelled sharply of alcohol or kept too much bitterness from the almonds. I was delighted to find this website so I could buy this again!

  15. Les Criess (verified owner)

    I use thsi extract in my Biscotti receipe. It has excellent aroma & flavor!! The biscotti come out of the oven with a light, delicate almond flavor that my family really loves. Thanx!!

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