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Pure Hazelnut Flavor

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Pure Hazelnut Flavor

Nutty. Buttery. Divine.

This rich flavor complements and enhances sweet and savory recipes. Not to mention, it’s the perfect sidekick for coffee and chocolate. Cook Flavoring Company’s handcrafted extracts showcase our 100-year family legacy in the art of premium vanilla and flavors.

Ingredients: glycerin, natural flavors, caramel color, and water.

This product is Kosher, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, and non-GMO.

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7 reviews for Pure Hazelnut Flavor

  1. Turner (verified owner)

    I couldn’t taste any hazelnut flavor after adding the recommended amount to my coffee, so I added more, which resulted in an unnatural, chemical taste.

  2. Donna (verified owner)

    I used the Pure Hazelnut Flavor for my ganache. I put it all over my chocolate cake and it was a big hit. I am going to use the coffee flavor one for my cake ball pops.

  3. Eric P (verified owner)

    It only takes a few drops to give the great taste of Hazelnut and the product is very reasonably priced!

  4. Jackie Wolfe (verified owner)

    I used the hazelnut flavor in my candy recipes but I couldn’t increase the quantity high enough to obtain the desired strength of flavor without distorting the texture of the recipe.

  5. Gayle (verified owner)

    This is my second time to order Pure Hazlenut Flavor.

    LOVE this product!!!

    I used to buy hazelnut flavored coffee AND use a commercial coffee creamer with hazelnut flavoring until I discovered that it contained corn syrup, had gluten, etc,… just to name a few of my food allergies.

    Now I make my own creamer 2 quarts at a time and store it in the refrigerator.

    It tastes so much better than the commercial creamer, that I now just buy plain instant coffee.

    My Grandchildren ALL love what they call “Nannie’s Coffee” and make it for themselves using 1/4 teaspoon instant decaf coffee and a LOT of creamer.

  6. gina (verified owner)

    best and fastest service I’ve ever had and I love the product too….I’ll be sharing you with all my friends, thanks

  7. Ruth (verified owner)

    I have been using Cook’s Hazelnut Flavor for many years in place of vanilla extract in my brownies. They give it a special richness and everyone wants to know what makes my brownies better than anyone else’s!

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