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Pure Red Raspberry Extract

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Pure Red Raspberry Extract

Ripe. Plush. Succulent.

Ripe red raspberries, fresh out of Oregon and Washington, are extracted for this lush, rich essence that intensifies real raspberries and energizes complementary flavors like chocolate. Cook Flavoring Company’s handcrafted extracts showcase our 100-year family legacy in the art of premium vanilla and flavors.

Ingredients: alcohol, raspberry juice concentrate, glycerin, and water.

This product is Kosher, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, and Non-GMO.

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16 reviews for Pure Red Raspberry Extract

  1. Stan Mikita (verified owner)

    Disappointed in product strength. The taste is good, but you have to use way too much to find the flavor. Unsure if I will buy again.

  2. geetha (verified owner)

    The product was absolutely wonderful. Great service too. It arrived on time very well packed. Made a huge difference to the confectionery that i was making. Will definitely recommend to all.

  3. M C Gilson (verified owner)

    Very happy to have found this product, An excellent addition to my pantry. Cooks is a good source for
    this product.

  4. Karl (verified owner)

    A very fine and flavorful extract. I am very pleased with my order, and the service was great as well.

  5. Patty (verified owner)

    I used this product to make dark chololate raspberry fudge. It turned out delicious and I received many compliments.

  6. Robin Barker (verified owner)

    I was pleased to find a red raspberry extract that I could buy in large quantity, it’s Quality is comparable to McCormick, yet it cost less. Best buy even including shipping!

  7. Louise (verified owner)

    I added the raspberry extract to some vanilla cream that I was using to fill chocolate cupcakes. It was wonderful! Everyone who ate a cupcake thought they were Delicious!

  8. Cookie Couture (verified owner)

    Wonderful pure flavor! This product has enhanced our wildly popular best selling truffle ~~ Dark Raspberry Dream

  9. Max M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic aroma. Use this extract in my caramels, cakes and truffles. Really stands up to the test. Would definitely recommend this extract to other confection artists.

  10. trishann Perez (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavor, taste like the real thing. I needed to add just a little more than normal vanilla flavor. But still great tasting. 🙂

  11. Holly (verified owner)

    Shipping & shopping were a breeze but this product is terrible! The color is a faded brown and the flavor is medicinal at best. Not the fresh taste of raspberry I was seeking. I will be sending a complaint to customer service.

  12. d.h. (verified owner)

    This is like tasting fresh rasberries, only better than that. So full of flavor. I’ve tried other brands and this wins the test hands down.

  13. Marilyn (verified owner)

    I love this product. I own Cakes by Design in Iowa, and use this product on a daily basis. My clients rave about the taste of my cakes and fillings that I use this in. I would highly recommend it.

  14. John (verified owner)

    I used this extract to make a syrup for Latte. 4 Teaspoons of extract to 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water. Add 1 oz to 1-1/2 oz of this syrup (more or less to taste) for a 12 oz Latte. Good flavor. This is really superior syrup to even the fancy Italian brands. All of those are made with cheaprer corn syrup sweetener which is really inferior to cane sugar for most applications.

  15. Josh (verified owner)

    Hi there I used this extract to make raspberry truffels and it was the precise flavor I was looking for and good quality thanks

  16. Corinna Zimmerman (verified owner)

    This is the first time that I tried fruit extracts. I simply mixed it with water and added a little bit of sugar to it. The aftertaste feels like raspberry but there is also a perfume like taste which I am not very keen on. Is it not meant to be used in beverages? Please let me know how to experience the best taste. Thank you.

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