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Pure Vanilla Powder

(210 customer reviews)


An vanilla to use in everything. Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder is the first true, pure vanilla alternative to extract. Offered in sizes from 4.5 oz to 40 lbs.



Pure Vanilla Powder

Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder carries the flavor of the finest select vanilla beans. Sweet. Pure. Revolutionary.

A vanilla to use in everything. Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder is the first true, pure vanilla alternative to extract! This versatile, fragrant, delightful vanilla showcases Cook Flavoring Company’s 100-year family legacy in the art of vanilla.

A perfect addition to your espresso and coffee drinks, hot cocoa, cake and pancake mixes, protein shakes, and more.  Excellent for applications where liquid, alcohol or vanilla’s amber color are unsuitable, such as white cakes. Never evaporates in baking. Try adding vanilla powder to dry powder mixes and granolas. Also, coffee shops love to offer vanilla powder as a condiment.

Vanilla powder has a dextrose base with flavor from hand-pollinated and sun-cured vanilla beans.

Wholesale and Bulk Sizing:

Cook’s now offers vanilla powder to online customers in wholesale and bulk sizing. Available in 5 pound jars and 40 lb boxes. The boxes are cardboard and lined with BPA-free plastic. Finally, a great option for bakeries and coffee shops that require wholesale size options.


For large volume wholesale orders, contact margaret@cooksvanilla.com for more options! Discounted pricing available.

Wholesale product code for Pure Vanilla Powder: PVP

Pure Vanilla Powder Ingredients:

Dextrose and vanilla bean extractives.

Allergen and Dietary Information:

Certified Kosher, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Vegan, and non-GMO.

Certified by Central California Kosher.

Recommended Usage:

1 teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Powder is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. In standard single batches, use 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. As a condiment, use to taste. Finally, for wholesale applications, use 2 to 4 ounces per 5 gallons (40 pounds) of mix. Shelf life is 1095 days from manufacture. Manufacture date is listed as UDC. Store in a cool, dry, air-tight container. If product clumps due to excess moisture, use sifter to return to normal state.

Country of Origin: 

Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder is manufactured in Paso Robles, California by Cook Flavoring Company. We source our dextrose from the United States of America. Cook’s imports vanilla beans from Madagascar under strict scrutiny.

Regulatory Approval and Safety: 

This product is manufactured, processed, packed, handled, and shipped in accordance to all FA requirements. In addition, all federal and state regulations for food products including California Proposition 65 and FSMA are satisfied. The product is stored and shipped in containers, at temperatures, and under conditions necessary to preserve the quality of the product. Also, Cook Flavoring Company is SQF Level 2 certified for food safety.

For more information, see our Certifications. Or contact us at cooks@cooksvanilla.com or 800-735-0545.

Additional information

Size Options

4.5 oz, 1.5 lb jar, 5 lb, 5 lb Master Case (4) 5 lb jars, 40 lb box

210 reviews for Pure Vanilla Powder

  1. Brenda

    Disappointed in the misleading label. Pure vanilla…(but really) lightly flavored powdered sugar…My own fault for not properly checking the label and being informed of all the different names for simple sugar. Now I have $8 worth of “pure vanilla” that I can’t use due to diabetes.

    • Cooksvanilla

      Hello Brenda,
      Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry that you we disappointed in your purchase. Our pure vanilla powder is indeed made from only vanilla beans and dextrose and thus is classified as a pure flavor. We developed our pure vanilla extract as an alcohol-free alternative and a dry flavoring agent for those who desired a different application from traditional pure vanilla. Although it does contain sugar, the ratio of use for pure vanilla extract is 1:1 if you do wish to use it. In addition, we recommend using our pure vanilla powder as a condiment in your coffee, tea, shakes, or cereals. I sincerely hopes this helps you and once again, we apologize that you were disappointed in our product.
      Best Regards,

  2. Coffee Drinker (verified owner)

    I am nearing the bottom of the first bottle of this product and am reordering so that I can continue adding this product to my lattes. I really enjoy it!!

  3. Terry (verified owner)

    I use the 5 lb jar for my baking mix business. The flavor is wonderful and I love the fact that it is non-GMO and gluten free just like my baking mixes.

  4. JLDLPN (verified owner)

    The powdered vanilla is wonderful. It makes my baking taste so much better.

  5. Spice Lover (verified owner)

    Great Vanilla Power ever! Got it for my coffee, but is Wonderful in everything.

  6. Carol Austin (verified owner)

    I had searched over a year for a dry vanilla powder, upon coming across Cooks Vanilla and Almond Powder, we began to use them in our banana bread, cookies, and cakes. They turned out beautifully! Excellent taste! The only difference is you may need to add an extra tablespoon of liquid to counter the powder.

  7. mstig (verified owner)

    Much better than the liquid. Good product and great company

  8. Jaxsky (verified owner)

    So yummy! I started off using it at Starbucks and decided to order it so I could have it at home. I only wish it came in small packets as well so I could travel with it!

  9. DBLJ (verified owner)

    I have been using Cook’s Vanilla Powder for several years and have to tell you, if you haven’t tried it – what are you waiting for? It is the “extra oomph” in applesauce, on pancakes and waffles and most recently, I have added a bit to steamed milk for the best Earl Grey Cream tea I have ever had (add a bit of honey or maple syrup to take it truly over the top).

  10. Lisa from Wilson (verified owner)

    Great stuff! I ordered a large jar and have shared it with friends. Everyone loves it!

  11. Fay Alton (verified owner)

    I make a really good shortbread cookie and the powder mixes so much better with all the other products in my cuisanart.

  12. webbed124 (verified owner)

    Ever since I discovered Cook’s powdered vanilla, I have never used the liquid vanilla again!

  13. QueenBee (verified owner)

    I use this vanilla powder in just about all of my sweet baked goods. It adds a little extra “something” that people can’t quite figure out. It is especially nice for white or very light colored baked goods such as cheesecake because I can add the vanilla powder instead of the liquid vanilla and it preserves that nice light color. I’ve had caterers ask why my baked goods have such a smooth flavor. This is the best secret ingredient ever!

  14. Kathi K (verified owner)

    I’ve used this vanilla powder for years. I use it in fresh fruit pies (mix with your flour and sugar before adding to the fruit) and in cereals (sprinkle on top before adding milk). This is far superior to the other vanilla powders available because it doesn’t discolor or clump. Tastes good, too!

  15. Shorty (verified owner)

    I get Cook’s Vanilla by the 5 lb container. It is about 1/4 of the price of buying the small containers. I use it all of the time and it lasts a LONG time! I really enjoy this product because it has no alcohol and it is white. It does not alter the color of whipped cream, etc. and I can use it in smoothies, etc. because it does not have to be cooked to get the alcohol out. Very tasty. I recommend it to my friends.

  16. kate maxwell (verified owner)

    so happy to find “starbucks” vanilla powder. tried to purchase from Starbucks, but not available for sale, only use. now I make my own iced vanilla coffee. thank you

  17. ZAWZEE (verified owner)


  18. Starbucks girl (verified owner)

    I have been using this at our local Starbucks for years and finally decided to acquire my own for the times when Starbucks runs out or when I make coffee at home. It adds such a nice flavor and the quality is excellent! I will definitely make this a regular member in my spice cabinet!

  19. KayKay (verified owner)

    I use this when making dry coffee creamer and love the taste.

  20. Knobby Wheezer (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd jar. I use this vanilla in large amounts often. I have a smaller jar I keep in the kitchen and refill it from the larger jar stored in the basement food storage.

  21. Grammie in CA (verified owner)

    There used to be a market in my area that carried Cook’s Powdered Vanilla, but it went away. After discovering the powdered product, I have consistently used it in frosting I make for occasion cakes. It does not add color to the frosting as pure vanilla extract does and the flavor is wonderful. My family won’t allow me to make a cake using anything else! I was thrilled when I found the website and a reliable source for it.

  22. Vanilla Lover (verified owner)

    I found the right vanilla, sprinkle it on coffee and lattes. It tastes like Starbucks! Prompt delivery.

  23. Bistliner (verified owner)

    I have used this pure vanilla powder in everything I used to use liquid vanilla in. There is no comparison as the powder is beyond tasty and I would never use anything else.

  24. the jam queen (verified owner)

    Love this item! So good I’m ordered in larger amounts later this month.

  25. Susan Maxwell (verified owner)

    I LOVE this stuff! Being a powder form it is easy add to a recipe without adding the bitterness of alcohol. I use it in almost everything: pancakes, hot cereal, smoothies and all my baking

  26. Casey Jones (verified owner)

    Great product, love the taste and it is perfect for my instant drink mix. thanks!!!

  27. Pam Bennett (verified owner)

    I made hot whit chocolate in a jar for Christmas gifts this year. Every one who has tried this loved it.

  28. Mi Mi (verified owner)

    This is a high quality product, and I wi buy it again.

  29. Pamela walker (verified owner)

    I love this product. I’ve used in pound cake and candi ed yams. The final products had a fuller flavor. Homemade whipped cream was never better.

  30. Chris (verified owner)

    Love this product. Sprinkle it on french toast and in my coffee. Yummy!

  31. Carole Poole (verified owner)

    This is my second 1.5 pound jar of Vanilla Powder and I just love it. I put an extra vanilla boost in so many things- cakes, icing, brownies, coffee, pancakes…. Everything taste better with vanilla.

  32. keithstw (verified owner)

    The powdered vanilla is great to put in my coffee with creamer!

  33. Jeanne Gellen (verified owner)

    Love it! Very happy to use it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Not bitter.Flavor didn’t fade even after 2 months! Cookies, pies, hot drinks, sweet dips and even coffee creamers! And no clumps 🙂 Great price too! 🙂

  35. Dana (verified owner)

    I LOVE this vanilla powder! I’ve been putting the vanilla powder from Starbucks in my iced tea for years and have been trying to replicate that powder at home. Well I have finally found it! This Cook’s vanilla powder is the powder that they use at Starbucks. It’s so fine that it dissolves immediately in iced drinks. That’s something that’s hard to find. I will be reordering this many times in the future. I just wish they sold this in stores and I also think they should update their packaging.

  36. Anna (verified owner)

    I love using the vanilla powder in my coffee, smoothies, and plain yogurt – it adds flavor without the sugar!

  37. Steve (verified owner)

    This is the same vanilla powder available at Starbucks. It’s great!

  38. Nancy (verified owner)

    I recently ordered for the first time & was very pleased with the quality of the products, pure vanilla & almond power. I plan to try the extracts next.

  39. Barb (verified owner)

    Great product, good flavor. Love it. Used it to make my homemade chai tea latte. Adds a great vanilla flavor

  40. Elaine DiBenedetto (verified owner)

    I am enjoying using my Pure Vanilla Powder in my coffee. Feels like I’m at a Starbucks. It is very smooth and adds a delicious vanilla flavor to my coffee.

  41. Tammy (verified owner)

    Our family loves this vanilla. The flavor is exceptional and I love that it is in a powder form. It works so well in a variety of recipes.

  42. AshleyAlexa (verified owner)

    Cook’s Vanilla Powder gives my daily latte something indescribably wonderful; beyond the usual vanilla bean or extracts, this powder has depth and smoothness. Highly recommend!

  43. Florence Wood (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! I would recommend this product to everyone.

  44. Trish Pilon (verified owner)

    We have been using this product for a number of years and we thoroughly enjoy it.

  45. Salvador Cotto (verified owner)

    In comparison with experiences with other ground vanilla products Cook’s ground vanilla is far superior than these other products.

  46. Niki (verified owner)

    add this to ur daily cup of joe for just the right taste… who needs starbucks when u can make it at home.

  47. M. Barretta (verified owner)

    I love the way you can add this to fresh fruit and not add any extra color or moisture to them. They stay fresher longer and taste wonderful.

  48. Joseph Pezzillo (verified owner)

    Love the taste! The Starbucks in our area uses it. That is how we found you guys.

  49. Judith Auerbach (verified owner)

    I love to use this on my breakfast cappuccino. It tastes wonderful and has a minimum of calories. It’s the best vanilla out there!

  50. CALEB RAMM (verified owner)

    We use this in our divinity and it supplies a great flavor while retaining the pure white color.

  51. Lonna Difroscia (verified owner)

    I ordered the Cook’s vanilla and it is great. A perfect blend of vanilla and sweetness. The only complaint I have is that it took longer than I expected to receive the product.

  52. Citychef (verified owner)

    I slip this into all sorts of different savory dishes. Adds great depth to Beurre Blanc for lobster or fish. Also makes a great addition to jerk seasoning.

  53. Howard Wilson (verified owner)

    We save a bunch by buying the 1 1/2 pound jar of vanilla powder. It enhances out lattes.

  54. Raymond Kurka (verified owner)


  55. Judy Finney (verified owner)

    This was a gift for My Mother in Law. She’s the one who told me about it last year when I ordered her some and got some small ones for gifts. We love it.

  56. Karen (verified owner)

    This is my new secret ingredient! It adds a dimension of flavor to any baked good that you want extra vanilla flavor! I love it and will be adding it to everything I bake!

  57. Roberta Rosenberg (verified owner)

    I wanted the same vanilla powder I enjoy in my coffee at my local Starbucks – and I found it. Thanks!

  58. Richard Coleman (verified owner)

    We use this powder on cappuccino and love it! We will continue to use it from now on.

  59. Stephen (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a vanilla powder to flavor my coffee, and was glad that I stumbled upon this brand. Great flavor.

  60. Patricia (verified owner)

    I use the vanilla powder in my instant coffee in the morning. It’s real, so it doesn’t have that artificial flavor about it at all. Wonderful product. I’m so happy I found your company.

  61. mmshoppe (verified owner)

    Cook’s Vanilla Powder, perfect to flavor Meringue as in Forgotten Cookies; Liquid extracts deflate the egg white volume and cookie texture. I use for gluten-free baking, too.

  62. Rick Pecor (verified owner)

    I love the vanilla powder and your product is excellent. However your shipping cost is very high.

  63. Sam S (verified owner)

    Love this stuff since I found out it’s what Starbucks uses for their vanilla powder!

  64. Paul (verified owner)

    I purchase the vanilla powder for my mother in law, using it for the many baked goods she makes.
    The price is reasonable I am told, however, the shipping costs are not.

  65. J Greene (verified owner)

    Always liked vanilla powder on top of cappucinos – just like at Starbuck’s!

  66. Debra Hart (verified owner)

    This powdered Vanilla is a little more course than other brands I’ve used. Sifting it pulls out the bigger grains. Otherwise the flavor is terrific and service was outstanding.

  67. Lynette. Engelbert (verified owner)

    Wonderful. Wonderful !!!! The products are top of the line, all natural is what I shop for, and you offer that. Thank you so much.

  68. Carol Daul (verified owner)

    I refuse to use anything artificial in my wedding cakes; Cooks Vanilla Powder provides a most excellent flavor while maintaining the desired whiteness.

  69. Rachel Sullivan (verified owner)

    Open your (McCormick) liquid and your Cooks vanilla. Smell each and you will never want to run out of Cooks vanilla powder again. I love love love this in steel cut oats with some cinnamon and nutmeg.

  70. Patrice (verified owner)

    Vanilla powder is the most AWESOME thing to add to your baked stuff!Sweet rolls-cinnamon rolls-sticky buns…ADD this stuff!
    This will make everything you make…BETTER!
    Nuff said!

  71. Al Klopfer (verified owner)

    Vanilla powder is hard to find, but it makes a big difference in cooking and baking. Cook’s is easy to use and of superior quality and flavor. The customer service at Cook’s is second to none.

  72. sandman (verified owner)

    This product was EXACTLY what we wanted. We wanted to create our own “special coffee” here in the office instead of going out and buying it cup by cup.

  73. Lydia (verified owner)

    would not consider bakeing without your powder vanilla. great product, great price !

  74. Lois Bachur (verified owner)

    If you want to taste somethingf really really good, just sprinkle the Cooks Vanilla Powder on your french toast. It tastes sooo good you will never use syrup on your french toast again.

  75. Meci (verified owner)

    Third time purchasing this vanilla powder. It has become a must have staple in our kitchen. We use it for all non-baked vanilla flavoring. Nice to not have alcohol aftertaste.

  76. KathyK (verified owner)

    I love Cooks Vanilla powder! It’s pure white heaven!
    My favorite way to use it is with my morning oatmeal or cream of wheat. Its not the same without it.
    Its also wonderful in fresh coffee.

  77. Anna (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Cook’s. I received my Vanilla Powder very quickly, and I appreciate the reasonable price, too.

  78. Mary Wiegand (verified owner)

    I do not care for the alcohol in liquid vanilla. This vanilla blends in smoothly and has a rich, mellow taste.

  79. Karen Eastmond (verified owner)

    Easy ordering, Shipping was on time and delivered when promised! I love my Product:). Will be ordering more:).

  80. Monica (verified owner)

    I just love Cook’s Vanilla Powder!!! The first time I had it was at Starbucks in my coffee and now I can’t live without it!!! I can’t wait to try it on other things!!!

  81. Monica (verified owner)

    I just LOVE Cook’s vanilla powder!!! It is awesome in my coffee!!!

  82. Bistliner (verified owner)

    I love the taste and consistency of the vanilla powder and never use the liquid type as this fills all of my vanilla needs.

  83. Joe Cassia (verified owner)

    I had been looking for years for a very high quality vanilla powder to use in a product where taste is critical. I found it!

  84. Penny (verified owner)

    Now that we have started using vanilla powder, my husband won’t eat anything made with liquid vanilla.

  85. Willis Nichols (verified owner)

    smooth well balanced vanilla powder.we’ve been using this for years and we love it

  86. Jeffrey Petersen (verified owner)

    This present was to bring the Starbucks experience home to my wife. It arrived on time and made a small present be a touching and fun gift.

  87. Monique (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for, plus so much more.

  88. karina (verified owner)

    I first stated using this product at Starbucks..
    Now i am hooked and actually prefer my espresso with the Cooks Vanilla..
    Thank you for selling the big jars 🙂

  89. Paula (verified owner)

    My sister loved the vanilla powder that I sent her for Christmas. She said that it smelled so good, even the UPS delivery man commented on it!

  90. Sheilah say (verified owner)

    The best vanilla powder on the market and all I will use for my vanilla additive.

    In a word, Awesome!

  91. Ellen Belcher (verified owner)

    Have used Vanilla Powder for years and love how easy it is to cook with.

  92. Rita Salveson (verified owner)

    This is a delicious product. Very fresh and I use it in my pancakes as well as baked goods. The bulk size is great as we live so far from a local store. .

  93. J. Zeigler (verified owner)

    Tastes great in everything you would use liquid vanilla to flavor.

  94. Jim Lawson (verified owner)

    I just began making homemade orange julius’ and the powdered vanilla can’t be beat.

  95. Sheryl Lalley (verified owner)

    This is great stuff. It mixes well with coffee or tea and you can sprinkle it on cereals. It makes everything yummy!

  96. Barb (verified owner)

    I use this whenever I make pie crust and crumb topping for my fruit pies. It’s always a huge hit. It’s great for any recipe where liquid vanilla just doesn’t work.

  97. Ken Belnap (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product, will order again
    Thank you

  98. X. Cosgrove (verified owner)

    We love the powdered vanilla! Easier for young bakers to work with than regular vanilla yet still provides the delicious flavor of real vanilla. And it’s gluten free which is important in our home!

  99. Jacqueline Robertson (verified owner)

    Wonderful product!!!!! I buy two of these a year and never buy vanilla extract any more. Cooks vanilla powder has spoiled me just plain rotten and I won’t use anything else.

  100. Carole (verified owner)

    So glad I got the bigger size. I’ve been adding vanilla powder to scratch cakes, boxed cakes, frostings, brownies, everything tastes better with a dash of vanilla.

  101. Kelly (verified owner)

    The vanilla powder packs an awesome punch of flavor that is much more pronounced than vanilla extract. I love the fact that it is natural too. Really great product. Thanks!

  102. Deborah Haag (verified owner)

    The vanilla powder is very good, and not readily available locally. Would like to see it available in an intermediate size.

  103. Ardis Heacock-Huff (verified owner)

    We love this in most things sweet! (dill in the savory, however) Thank you! The luxury of having vanilla dry is helpful and condensed. People can only guess at why our cooking is wonderful.

  104. Robert Wilensky (verified owner)

    Have not yet opened or used it.
    Order/delivery system fine.

  105. Tina (verified owner)

    Powdered vanilla is awesome. It lasts almost forever and I love the flavor. Another use is it can be added to a bit of corn starch and sprinkled on your sheets to make them smell wonderful and silky.

  106. Anne-Marie (verified owner)

    So practical for adding to smoothies and other things like coffee and so on. The possibilities are endless.

  107. Luci (verified owner)

    I love Cook’s Vanilla powder! It makes a good cup of coffee great! I do not use sugar or sweetners because the 1 tsp of vanilla powder gives a cup of coffee just the right amount of sweetness!

  108. Deb R. (verified owner)

    this product is awesome and I love it in my coffee…wish that I could buy it locally so I did not have to pay for shipping….

  109. Trish Pilon (verified owner)

    We have been using your Pure Vanilla Powder for quite some time ans still are enjoying it.

  110. Francisco Nunez (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this purchase, delivery was on time, I just love it. You will be satisfy if you buy this product.

  111. Deb R (verified owner)

    Try some in your coffee…yummmmmy…only thing that is better is vanilla bean powder…..

  112. Dawn (verified owner)

    We love Cook’s Powdered Vanilla! It is the best flavor and the only way to go if making white frosting for any food!! We are so glad we are able to get it again.

  113. Mark Christian (verified owner)

    Purchased the powered vanilla for my wife, who is trying to replicate the Starbucks vanilla powered experience in her teas and coffees… she LOVES it!

  114. Dick Coleman (verified owner)

    I bought the powdered vanilla for use with our morning ritual of cappucino … and I’ll never be without it …. love it! Thanks, Cooks!

  115. Paula (verified owner)

    I love using this in my pancake batter. Yum! Glad I found it again.

  116. Sherrie (verified owner)

    I used this powder in my latest batch of homemade ice cream. The vanilla flavor came through nicely without the usual after-taste of the alcohol when using vanilla extract.

  117. Walter Luma (verified owner)

    Love the product. You can sprinkle this product over fruit, pancakes, cereal and more.If you love the flavor of vanilla, this ones for you. I just wish the shipping was cheaper.

  118. Elizabeth Geary (verified owner)

    Product, and service were very GOOD
    Shipping fee was way too high.
    Will not order again.
    Thanks, eg

  119. Dianne (verified owner)

    I bought this vanilla powder to put in my frappachino, it is excellent…and the price can’t be beat. Glad I found this site.

  120. Pat Fox (verified owner)

    I use this vanilla all the time. It is great in cake frostings, on hot cereal and to spark up any receipe. I highly recommend this product. I would be lost without it!

  121. Susan Hill (verified owner)

    I mostly use the vanilla powder to flavor my coffee. The flavor is GREAT! My brother discovered it in my pantry and now he uses it too.

  122. Brenda Combs (verified owner)

    Have used this product and really like it. I find a better flavor than with liquid vanilla

  123. Frank Blancis (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Inexpensive and as good as the real stuff. I can’t wait to try the almond powder. Thank you Cook’s!!!!

  124. James Herweh (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product which is used on a daily basis. We have been using it for several years.

  125. Ruth E. Petersen (verified owner)

    Best for my White Vanilla cake Frosting because it keeps the end product snow white and remains thick, (NOT wet and thin running and discolored like it is when using any liquid vanilla products).

  126. Nancy Douglas (verified owner)

    We use the powdered vanilla for dry mixes to sell at a Gala. We love the way it mixes and the flavor it offers. We also like the more economical size.

  127. Betsy Mack (verified owner)

    Your vanilla powder just adds an extra layer of flavor to all of my baked goods. Also, it is wonderful on coffee drinks, sprinkled on cinnamon toast or oatmeal and adds great flavor to french toast.

  128. Penelope (verified owner)

    If you like just a dash of delicious to your coffee this is the perfect additive. I do not add sugar or syrups but I do add a dash of vanilla powder. Yum!

  129. Lat-In-Amber (verified owner)

    I have used Cook’s Vanilla Powder for a number of years and am so happy to find it online from the direct source, in a large quantity jar, and at considerable savings. I know there are similar products out there but have not tried them. I frequently make chesecakes and am a purist about them, using only vanilla and a small amount of lemon juice for flavor. Until I found Cooks’ Vanilla Powder, the liquid Vanilla always seemed to discolor and darken my cheesecake batter. No such problem using the powder! I also like some of the suggestions from other readers which I will defintely try. Bon appetit, y’all!

  130. Wanda M. (verified owner)

    I really love this vanilla powder.
    I will definitely be purchasing this again.

  131. Useitup (verified owner)

    Have used the product before, find it great to put in my homemade cookie, bread, etc. mixes.

  132. Tami Menold (verified owner)

    Love, Love Love this product. It is alcohol free and tastes great. Glad I found it online!

  133. Lisa (verified owner)

    This vanilla powder is excellent and the same as found in popular coffee shops. It has great flavor with no residue in the bottom of your cup.

  134. Melinda Salinas (verified owner)

    I enjoy adding this in my coffee, greek plain yogurt every morning.

  135. Barbara (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It’s not bitter like vanilla extract.
    I actually add it to my powdered greens drink–makes it much more palatable! Don’t ever stop making it!!

  136. Patrice (verified owner)

    O.K-so you want the best cookies ever?Substitute 1/4cup of vanilla powder for 1/4 cup sugar in any cookie recipe…your friends will love you…Your welcome.

  137. Kathy (verified owner)

    I was making a Hot Chocolate mix as Christmas presents, this added just the touch it seemed to be missing. I also filled small shaker jars as gifts to include. What a wonderful product

  138. Pamela (verified owner)

    Great flavor! Quick delivery time and the company was great to deal with.
    I would recommend this product and the company.

  139. Jennifer Watts (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Cook’s vanilla powder in my holiday mixes for years. I wouldn’t dream of making my yearly vat of hot cocoa mix without it.

  140. Long (verified owner)

    Great flavor and very easy to use. Does not taste like a powder. We buy over and over again.

  141. Lily H (verified owner)

    I have tried LOTS of other powdered vanillas, but this is the ONLY one I will buy!!! I used to buy some locally and paid a ridiculous amount for just a couple of ounces! This is such a good value and top-quality product for the price!!! It is also VERY DELICIOUS (no yucky after-taste) and I appreciate the free shipping since I ALWAYS have to add more to my order!!! Thanks, Cook’s Flavoring Company, for making it so easy to purchase online!!!

  142. Gail L Frey (verified owner)

    The comments are always complimentary and astounding when cooking deserts (puddings, cakes, cookies, muffins, etc.) a large heaping tablespoon of powdered vanilla is added to the recipe.

    Of course, I have introduced out Aussie friends to powdered vanilla in their morning coffee and they promised to order from you.

  143. Cyndy Docken (verified owner)

    I use Cook’s Vanilla Powder exclusively in my baking where vanilla is called for in a recipe. It enhances the natural flavors in a recipe. As a team member on a blog, appearance is essential when photographing food. The final product is not only beautiful but has a wonderful flavor. Thanks You Cook’s!

  144. Anne Wingate (verified owner)

    I bought this powder several months ago, when I was put on a medication that forbade ALL alcohol, whereas my homemade vanilla extract is 195 proof. I found the powder delicious and am ordering twice as much as I did last time. I will probably use it for the rest of my life, although I am going to test a recipe for vanilla extract that substitutes glycerin for alcohol. But I have a hunch I’m going to decide that it’s too much trouble. By contrast, this vanilla powder is no trouble at all.

  145. Terri Ann Gibbins (verified owner)

    This is the best flavor I have ever used and lasts forever in powdered form; can be used in so many things that do not even call for the vanilla in the what you are making, such as hot chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc., and for gluten free persons, needing extra flavor, it helps to add a little extra in taste.

    Thank you Cook’s for such quality products.

  146. Niki Trikoris (verified owner)

    Thank you for the fast delivery of my Vanilla Bean Powder. It’s a great product. My daughter in law is an Army cook stationed at Ft.Campbell. On a visit here, she used the powder and loved it. So one container is for her.

  147. Marilyn New (verified owner)

    I have to be gluten free, so I chose Cook’s vanilla. However, I love coffee and especially vanilla coffee. I have bought syrups of all brands and types and have found nothing – NOTHING that comes close in comparison to using Cook’s Vanilla powder. I buy it in bulk because I use so much and it saves me a lot of money. Compare this to the amount you would spend on syrups (with sugar or yucky sweeteners) and you will find a superb taste and happier pocketbook.

  148. Kathleen (verified owner)

    I wanted to share my love of this vanilla powder with a friend that is hooked on baking and with my mom, who is a vanilla-freak. Thanks so much for the choice in sizes.

  149. Kathleen (verified owner)

    I had a friend that would obtain vanilla powder for me, but she refused to tell me the source – and I know it isn’t you all. Your product is vastly superior to what I had been using – I love it ! I got hooked on putting this vanilla powder in pancake batter, waffle batter…even tried mixing it in my coffee. That didn’t work so well, but added to breads and used instead of liquid vanilla in other recipes – I just find I can taste the vanilla (I love vanilla!) and it is GREAT!

  150. vicki (verified owner)

    I use it in oatmeal, coffee, mixed with powdered sugar on cream puffs and to dip strawberries

  151. Kaye (verified owner)

    I usually buy the 5 pound container of vanilla powder as I use it for everything from flavoring my milk (the dextrose adds just enough sweetness so I don’t need to add sugar) to making homemade puddings and general baking. Unfortunately, the large container won’t fit in new house (I tried 🙂

  152. Bill Edwards (verified owner)

    Ordered the vanilla today June 8 and just goy notification that the item was also shipped out to me on the 8th of June.
    A great company to do business with.

  153. Susan Taylor (verified owner)

    The Vanilla Powder is the best I have ever used. Use in many things but especially custards, tapioca puddings and cheesecakes. Great shelf life!

  154. Sue (verified owner)

    Added to plain yogurt makes a very pleasant taste

  155. Barbara A. Gianola (verified owner)


  156. J. H. (verified owner)

    For several yrs we’ve enjoyed Cook’s vanilla powder on oatmeal, omelets, pancakes, coffee and as a substitute for vanilla extract in all recipes. I buy & keep in pantry a large container (5# or 1.5#) and refill & keep handy a small shaker bottle as needed. We tried unsuccessfully to purchase the same quality vanilla powder locally so are very pleased with Cook’s & being able to buy online.

  157. Ed Crawford (verified owner)

    We have been using this for a couple of years or more. We discovered it in the spice shelf and found it gives a multiply amount of value above the liquid vanilla. One has to expect it to take a bit of time to dissolve in the product. The extract is not the equivilent as it is full of alcohol.

  158. Althea DeBrule (verified owner)

    I just LOVE this vanilla powder. I’ve tried many other brands that were supposed to be the best; but Cook’s Vanilla Powder outshines them all.

    I use it in baking and in making great coffee and tea drinks. All you have to do is sprinkle it over the beverage for a great vanilla taste!

  159. Darrell McGarvey (verified owner)

    I have used Cook’s Vanilla Powder for baking for a long time but recently sprinkled some on hot chocolate. Wow! What a surprise! The flavor was out of this world and I can’t find anything to compare it with. Now I’m anxious to experiment with other things!

  160. Donna Powell (verified owner)

    We have Almond Orchards & I roast the almonds with vanilla Powder & a little salt & they really draw rave reviews. I give then as gifts at Christmas time, & all of our rfriends & family always look forward to receiving them.

  161. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I use Cook’s vanilla powder in just about every sweet dessert and muffin I make. I consider this my secret ingredient. It enhances the flavors in a subtle way to create a richer tasting end product. Try using a teaspoon or two in your next batch of chocolate chip cookies and you will notice a distinct difference in the flavor. I often bake for a friend who is gluten intolerant. Gluten free flours do not produce a great flavor so I find that adding vanilla powder to the flour for sweet baked goods produces a much tastier product.

  162. F. Hendrickson (verified owner)

    I had no idea I would use this product in so many ways. It has become a staple in my kitchen. I have gifted family and friends with it and they enjoy using it as much as I do.

    Thanks for a high-quality, versatile, easy to use form of vanilla.

  163. Shelia (verified owner)

    I use the vanilla powder in all of my baked goods. I have a cupcake business and I use it in the buttercream and the cake mix. When I’m not baking I love using this in my coffee. Wonderful!! I have ordered my 2nd bottle along with some other products.

  164. Carol Jordan (verified owner)


  165. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought other powder online, and threw it all away. This vanilla is the best.

  166. tkit (verified owner)

    I tried to purchase vanilla from Starbucks because it is so tasty but they refused in three different stores, three different states to sell it to me. Had an opportunity to take a picture of the label and was happy to find this product online. I use it in drinks of many kinds, including Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi as well as tea. This stuff is yummy! I’m looking forward to using it in various recipes.

  167. Joyce (verified owner)

    Other powdered vanillas add unnecessary and unwanted sweetness.

    Cook’s is just right. I love it.

    I’ve been using this for 15years or more, but have it’s become more difficult to buy locally. I’m so pleased to be able to purchase it online.

    thank you

  168. Debbie Coats (verified owner)

    I discovered your product when my daughter was diagnosed with gluten intollerance. But now I use it for all my baking. I also love it in tea and hot chocolate. And it’s great for homemade ice cream!

  169. Judith Auerbach (verified owner)

    I love to have cappuccino at breakfast and I like to put cinnamon and vanilla on top. I’ve tried dozens (literally) of vanilla and this is absolutely the best there is!

  170. Vince (verified owner)

    This product is very handy. I mix it with powdered sugar and other ingredients to make a nice vanilla-tasting frosting for my gluten-free (and soy-free, and dairy-free) cakes. For some reason, it just seems to work better than the vanilla extract. I’m not a chef, so it could just be me. Having three food allergies makes it difficult to have good-tasting baked goods, but this vanilla powder goes a long way to alleviating that problem.

  171. Jennifer Zee (verified owner)

    THis Vanilla Powder is the most Natural Tasting I have found on the market besides one other brand which is more expensive. For the price, I consider this Vanilla Powder the best Value on the market today!

  172. Catherine Dean (verified owner)

    I make chai tea mix with it.

  173. Gail L. Frey (verified owner)

    The use of Cook’s Powdered Vanilla in my cooking gets rave reviews. As I am presently using Splenda in my cooking, Cook’s vanilla adds a perfect finish to my baking.

    I do wish I could find this product in Safeway’s Pak-N-Save store in South San Francisco, CA.

    Thank you for making such a marvelous product.

  174. Aileen (verified owner)

    I use the vanilla powder, among other things, to add flavor to unflavored yogurt. The powder form is particularly convenient since I mix it in my office. I also sprinkle a small bit on top of french toast (along with the customary powdered sugar).

  175. Debi (verified owner)

    I Love Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder. I bought my first jar about 8 years ago at a local Starbucks. I fell in LOVE. I use it coffee drinks, cookies, all kinds of recipes. But my favorite, and everyone loves it, is French Toast!

  176. Michele P (verified owner)

    I have been searching for the vanilla powder they use at the starbucks coffee shops and have even asked the girls, I was told that this was from a private distributor and couldn’t be purchased. I went into a Starbucks and the jar was empty and asked the boy to fill it he pulled out a jar of vanilla powder and then walked away to grab a spoon, I immediately looked at the label and low and behold came home and googled your product. I am so excited and cannot wait as I use this everyday in my coffee and now I have my ownn personal size. Thanks so much for making such a scrumptious product.

  177. Diane (verified owner)

    Pure Vanilla Powder is a wonderful veristile flavoring whether in the raw usage or in cooking. No converting measurements either! It does not loose flavoring or change with an undertone taste you can get with the liquid flavoring when you heat or cook with it because there is no alcohol to evaporate no chemicals that change when cooked. Just pure ingrediants and to some of us who are very sensitive to any additives, this is a blessing!

    All natural is better any day!

  178. PK Powell (verified owner)

    I can only say that I came upon this product by chance one day and have been using it ever since. I especially love it in puddings. It adds a flavor that can not be discribed and no one seems to know what it is. But, I do…Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder.

  179. Cup A Joe (verified owner)

    Been offering this product to customers for over 15 years. Great product.

  180. P Gourley (verified owner)

    This vanilla is excellent to cook with as well as use in coffee or tea.

  181. Judith J (verified owner)

    I would not be without it…use in cooking as well as in coffee and on cereal

  182. Val (verified owner)

    This is the best product that I have ever tried. Once you try this vanilla you will never go back to anything else.

  183. Kathi (verified owner)

    I haven’t been able to consistently get this since leaving California. Add Cook’s Vanilla Powder to fresh peach pie and everybody loves it!

  184. Judith Auerbach (verified owner)

    Cook’s vanilla is just the best there is. I have tried numerous other powdered vanilla products and none can compare.

    I love it sprinkled on my daily morning cappuccino.

  185. Kathleen Sobba (verified owner)

    I have used Pure Vanilla Powder for a number of years and cannot imagine NOT including it in almost every item. From pancake batter to pumpkin pie filling to homemade pie crusts, I ALWAYS add a dash of this, enhancing the tastes. The white color is especially great when using with whipping cream, egg whites or any ‘white’ batter that you want to stay white and not take on a beige tint. Thanks Cooks Flavoring for this marvelous addition to any baker’s cupboard.

  186. c.s. kahn (verified owner)

    Our whole family loves cook’s vanilla powder for coffee and hot chocolate. We have been fans for years.

  187. Anita (verified owner)

    Makes the most excellent Cappaccino in the world!!!! (Well Northridge, CA at least)

  188. Jeannie (verified owner)

    We have children with multiple food allergies – We use the vanilla powder to enhance the flavor of our wheat, dairy and nut free baking. Cooks vanilla powder makes all the difference in taste! It

  189. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my favorite & only form of vanilla that I use. I do a lot of baking & the convenience of powdered vanilla is unsurpassed. From past experience I know that I can count on Cook’s products.

  190. Sue B (verified owner)

    I am really satisfied with this vanilla,it’s very adaptable for use with wet or dry ingredients. For instance, mixed with yogurt, in candies, in baking and especially where you want an intense vanilla flavor.

  191. Doralyn (verified owner)

    This is the best product that I have found. I don’t like to use alclhol based flavorings and this products fits me to the “T”….
    Thanks COOK’S

  192. Patrice Grossman (verified owner)

    This is the coolest stuff-you can add it to anything-WOW-better.I make sweet roll dough-add vanilla powder-WOW it’s better.Make a cake-add vanilla powder-WOW-it’s better…Pancakes,Coffee cakes-Pies-BETTER.No one makes vanilla powder except cooks-WOW,BETTER.I Love this stuff.
    Patrice Grossman

  193. Melanie (verified owner)


  194. Linda (verified owner)

    I have used this item for years. I used to order it from the Vermont Country Store. They discontinued selling this product. I loved baking with this and was very upset when I could no longer order. I went to the website that was listed on the previous empty container that I had and was so happy that I could order online. I tell everyone about this product and have purchased this vanilla and have given it to them. Wonderful product. (Love the Almond extract also.)

  195. xavienne (verified owner)

    Love the flavor and the price. Keeps well.

  196. Rosemary (verified owner)

    I use this vanilla powder to add flavoring to a lot of things, like yogurt. I also add it to the egg mixture when I am making french toast that is to die for.

  197. Vicki Pekurney (verified owner)

    Great product…same as used by Starbucks! Great price and delivery was speedy. I’ll buy it here again!

  198. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I used some vanilla powder at a ladies’ affair that my church had as an additive to my coffee along with a powdered creamer and it was absolutely wonderful. I had never heard of vanilla powder before so found your co. on the internet and ordered a large jar. It is available locally but much more expensive. Your price was about the most reasonable price I found.

  199. Nancy W (verified owner)

    I have always had to make a trip to the store to try and find clear vanilla to make my white frosting – not anymore! Your Vanilla Powder works great!! Thanks!

  200. Cindy (verified owner)

    We found this while living in Oregon, and have been looking for it in the Midwest for two years when we finally found it online. The powder is perfect for getting great vanilla taste without an alcohol taste. It measures like vanilla extract, which makes it easy to use, and is one of my favorite baking products. I use it for everything (it’s great for making homemade fondant), and have found it is even good to sprinkle on foods and desserts, where vanilla will enhance the other flavors present.

  201. Jenny (verified owner)

    I use Cook’s Vanilla Powder to flavor my homemade vanilla yogurt. The vanilla flavor is smooth and does not leave a bitter, biting alcohol aftertaste that I get when I use vanilla extract. I love it!

  202. Diana (verified owner)

    I use this in my cooking and I add it to my french toast and the kids invite their friends for “The best French Toast in the World”. It makes me feel like the Greatest MOM in the world.

  203. KLZ (verified owner)

    I have been cooking with this pure vanilla powder for years. It is simply the best vanilla on the market. The taste is delicious…and without any additives (such as alcohol). I highly recommend this product!!!

  204. Kathy (verified owner)

    I use this product when making frostings, cookies and Orange Julius drinks. It imparts great vanilla taste without adding color to the recipe I am making.
    I’ve been using this product for many years.

  205. Sharon Anne (verified owner)

    Making my own convenience mixes saves me a lot of money, and knowing what ingredients are in them makes me happy too.

    I have found Cook’s Pure Vanilla Powder to be the perfect substitute for any vanilla extract called for in the original recipe (which I’ve converted into a dry mix).

    Adding tsp for tsp also makes it all the easier to convert recipes too. Thanks!

    Sharon Anne

  206. Dr. Gary L. Zimmerman (verified owner)

    I’ve used Cook’s Vanilla Powder for years and have found it an excellent addition… no necessity.. to so many foods.

    I’ve just ordered an additional supply and hope I don’t run out before it arrives

  207. Patrice Grossman (verified owner)

    For the most wonderful baked goods-add a couple of tablespoons of vanilla powder to the dough.I add both powdered and liquid vanilla and ..Oh Baby,are they good.

  208. vicki mitchell (verified owner)

    Sprinkle this on top of powdered sugar on cream puffs or plain cake, sprinkle into coffee, bowl of oatmeal. Adds wonderful flavor

  209. Debbie (verified owner)

    I use this every morning on my cappucino. It’s also super on fresh fruit, such as strawberries or blueberries. I’m tempted to put a bag of it in my purse to add to the chain store coffee I buy.. Several of them, no names, have switched to a vanilla flavored sugar rather than the powdered sugar. Which is not as tasty…..

  210. Carolyn Webster (verified owner)

    I had found Cook’s Vanilla Powder while living in Oregon. We have been in Vermont for 5 years now and I haven’t seen it anywhere! I had saved the empty container and decided to check on-line today and so happy to find it so ordered the Vanilla Powder as well as some extracts. I love the Vanilla Powder sprinkled on French toast before frying – it is great sprinkled on fruit desserts and almost anything else you can think of. Enjoy.

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