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Simple yet beautiful DIYs for friends and family is one of my favorite things to gift. I love giving things that are equally thoughtful and useful. Making your own sugar cubes could not be easier and they are such a special gift for someone to add to their coffee or tea or even swirl into a latte or hot cocoa to add something a little extra special. (Plus, they’ll be like, super impressed with you)

You could also switch up the rose petals for lavender buds or even lemon zest to pair with the vanilla bean!


Here’s how you you make them:


½ cup sugar

½ tsp water

1 vanilla bean pod, seeds scraped

1 t dried culinary rose petals, lightly crushed candy mold (any shape or size you’d like!)

In a bowl, combine the vanilla bean and sugar and grind together with your fingers to fully incorporate the vanilla. Add in the water and rose petals and mix until water is evenly distributed. Mixture should be about the texture of wet sand. Pack the sugar into the molds tightly and allow to sit about 12 hours before un-molding. Package in little jars and give as gifts or enjoy yourself!

Recipe Courtesy of Taylor Harbin, All Purpose Flour Child



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