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100 Years of Excellence in Premium Pure Vanilla Extract


Since 1918, we’ve used the same slow, cold, extraction method our family developed a century ago to manufacture our pure vanilla extract. Every drop of our premium vanilla extracts represents painstaking craftsmanship, from the hand pollination of each vanilla bean, to traditional sun-curing, to our artisanal extraction protocols. We personally select our vanilla beans, and as a small family business, take immense pride in working directly with independent farmers. That’s what we call fair trade. We also offer a full line of food flavorings, each developed in-house to our highest standards.

From our family to yours, Cook’s is The Drop That Makes the Difference.

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We scour the Tropics to personally select our beans, giving us on-the ground knowledge of production around the world. Stay current on global markets, learn about vanilla cultivation and curing, and find hints and tricks to get the most out of flavorings.  Whether you’re a home cook, pastry chef, or major manufacturer, nobody knows vanilla like we do.

Bloomberg Features Cook’s

Bloomberg Features Cook’s

Cook Flavoring Co. President Josephine Lochhead features prominently in this fascinating in-depth piece, Vanillanomics, in Bloomberg’s Business Week.     Reported and written by journalist Monte Reel, Vanillanomics is a story about the wild economics of...

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The Secret of a Great Bake

The Secret of a Great Bake

Baking is blend of science and art, which is why I love it. To bake well, master a few basic techniques to unleash your artistry.    Step one is quality ingredients. I cannot stress enough the importance of good ingredients to a successful bake!    Two basic...

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Cook’s has a full line of extracts and flavorings. We offer quantities ranging from quarts to gallons to 500-gallon totes.

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