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Cook’s pure vanilla extract represent the Lochhead family’s 100-year obsession with this exquisite spice. Owner Ray Lochhead has long been recognized as a true maverick in the industry, traveling the world for the highest quality vanilla beans and experimenting carefully for the perfect balance and beautiful simplicity that makes the best pure vanilla extract. History, botany, chemistry, and art go into each bottle of Cook’s. From our family to yours comes The Drop That Makes the Difference.

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Cook’s vanillas and extracts are the finest in the world, and Cook’s Flavoring Company wants bring them into every household. We travel the world to find our finest ingredients.

Vanilla Market Report March 2017

We’ve had a major disaster just hit the vanilla region of Madagascar. The news is very grim. Cyclone ENAWO struck the island Tuesday, destroying a significant portion of Madagascar’s vanilla crop. The cyclone made a direct strike on Antalaha and  Sambava, the two...

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Vanilla Market Report December 2016

We have just returned again from Madagascar, where we spent days tramping around in “the bush” of the Sava vanilla country, talking with farmers. We are bringing back to you the first whiff of good news we’ve seen in more than two years. Before we all get too excited,...

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Vanilla Market Report October 2016

The math is simple, and shocking. The current market price for one kilo of Madagascar vanilla beans has surged to $400. Each gallon of vanilla extract requires over 13 ounces of beans. That would put the price of a gallon of single fold extract over $150, just in the...

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