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100 Years of Excellence

Cook’s pure vanilla extract represents the Lochhead family’s 100-year obsession with this exquisite spice. Owner Ray Lochhead has long been recognized as a true maverick in the industry, traveling the world for the highest quality vanilla beans and experimenting carefully for the perfect balance and beautiful simplicity that makes the best pure vanilla extract. History, botany, chemistry, and art go into each bottle of Cook’s. From our family to yours comes The Drop That Makes the Difference.

Recent News from Cook’s

Cook’s vanillas and extracts are the finest in the world and travel the around the globe to find our delicious ingredients. We have the latest information on global vanilla markets, information on the growing and processing of vanilla, hints and tricks to get the most out of flavorings, and delectable recipes for all occasions.

The Mysteries of Mexican Vanilla

The birthplace of vanilla, Mexico produces some of the world’s finest vanilla beans. But there is often a lot of confusion about Mexican vanilla extracts. Let’s untangle them. Regional Taste Differences: All vanilla beans derive their quality not from the region where...

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How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract Anyone who has gone to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract knows that vanilla extract prices are sky high! But vanilla extract is an essential ingredient for baked goods and desserts that simply are not...

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The Art of Curing Vanilla Beans

The Art of Curing Vanilla beans don’t come off the vine black and shiny as we know and love them. They start out green, their tips yellowing as they ripen and loosen their grip on the mother plant. At that moment of harvest, the vanilla bean begins a fraught and...

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Cook’s has a full line of extracts and flavorings and we offer all our products in packaging up to 500 gallon totes!

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